Alcohol and Fibromyalgia

Alcohol and Fibromyalgia

A dry January

We have decided to try a little experiment and not drink alcohol for January.  Perhaps longer.  The link between alcohol and Fibromyalgia is convoluted.  I can hardly imagine that my doctor would recommend a drink for medicinal purposes.  Yet there is a lot of information available to the benefits of low and moderate alcohol consumption for better pain management.

Nothing like a nice drink after a hard day

From my own experience, I know that when I get home after a long, busy day a glass of wine made me feel better faster than anything else.  It relaxes me and helps my muscles to release.  The added benefit is that I also sleep much better than I normally would. Some night it’s two or three until I feel tired and relaxed enough to go to bed.

Is there a better way

When it comes to pain medication, in general, I only take something when I absolutely have to.  On the one side, when I found something that is effective I am worried that it may stop working sooner than I would like.  On the other hand, the last thing that I want is to have another problem like liver damage developing.

Sure this makes me sounds like a hypochondriac.  But when you are dealing with constant pain, pain that never goes away and only waxes and wanes you will understand.

So this makes me wonder about going dry.  Will I sleep badly?  This is a big issue for me at the moment.  My quality of sleep is terrible and I wake up constantly.  Of course on the positive side, I am quicker to hit the gym when I didn’t have a drink or two the previous night. Perhaps increasing my activity levels, even more, will help with that.

How do you feel about alcohol and pain management?  I would like to hear your thoughts.

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