Why you should follow a Plant-based diet

Variety of fruit and berries

Is eating a Plant-based diet not complicated?

Have you been wondering why you should follow a Plant-based diet?  When you start reading about following a Plant-based diet you may think this looks too complicated.  If your current diet looks like most people I would understand.  It is difficult to switch over to something so different.  Many of us are addicted to high sugar/high-fat food.  I know I have a problem with those foods.  I also know that when I eat Plant-based my aches and pain and reduced dramatically, my mood improves and energy levels go up.  This is why I follow a Plant-based diet.

Feeding your food addictions

When I am having a bad day, everything seems like its free game.  I have a particular liking for cured meats, cheese, butter, and fried food.  Do you see the problem here?  The worst part?  All of these highly addictive foods are a sure-fire trigger for pain.  Yet when you are indulging in these kinds of foods you don’t really care or think about what you will feel like afterward.  Sometimes you can go for days trying to avoid indulging before you eventually give in because those cravings will not go away until you have satisfied them.

Beating your food addictions

When you have an addiction to something there are different ways of dealing with your problem.  You can read more about those on the Food Addiction page.  I am going to share what is the only way I can control my problem and not attempt a butter bath.  And this, of course, is a Plant-based diet.

Why I love a Plant-based diet

Every day I need to prepare different variations on the same meal.  I don’t care much for having to plan all kinds of meals for myself.  This is probably why I am also a creature of habit.  When I have a routine that I can focus on the pitfalls and chance of a fast food relapse is eliminated.  When I am making an attempt to eat a little cleaner this is what my average meals on a day look like:

  • Apple cider vinegar in a big glass of water.
  • A small apple or nectarine for my morning snack
  • Overnight oats made with Rooibos tea, chopped banana and my seed mix for a late breakfast/early lunch
  • Steamed vegetables and my prepped meal.  I make a large batch of Chilli non-Carne,  White Bean Casserole etc and will eat that for most of the week.
  • A nice big mixed salad at night
  • If I am going to the gym at night I will eat a banana beforehand to manage my post-workout hunger spike.

Wash rinse and repeat and I’m happy.  I don’t want to give too much thought to what I’m eating.

Why you should follow a Plant-based diet

The question really isn’t why you should follow a Plant-based diet.  The question is why would you not.  There are so many benefits for anyone following this lifestyle.  For someone with Fibromyalgia, you can expect to have a better handle on your pain and energy levels.  When you feel more energetic you are naturally able to exercise more which will result in better sleep.    You can also expect to be more alert and focused along with an overall sense of wellness.

There are many other health benefits which are great, because do you really want to have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease etc when you are already dealing with so much?

Did you switch to a Plant-based diet?  I would love to hear about your experiences.


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