A new life by Fibromyalgia diagnosis

Fibromyalgia diagnosis

The twenty-year expedition

That is a long time to look for an answer that was never forthcoming. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the cause of my chronic pain.  I have lost track of the doctors and specialists, the acupuncturists, chiropractors, aromatherapists, therapists, Now that I have a Fibromyalgia diagnosis it all makes sense, but it’s frustrating.  I sometimes feel that all my symptoms have been hiding behind an old problem (Scheuermann’s). In truth, a Fibromyalgia diagnosis seems to be a huge puzzle that is always missing that one piece to be finished.

The missing piece of the puzzle

For me, that missing piece was going to the right doctor armed with the right information. Previous visits were always prompted by isolated incidents.  But of course, they are not isolated.  They are all puzzle pieces.

Fibromyalgia d
Affected areas on 4 January 2019


It’s just a diagnosis

The best thing to come from my Fibromyalgia diagnosis is knowing what is causing my pain.  You might think I’m crazy to say that.  But now I know that there is something to keep track of so I can attempt to determine my warning signals.  Right now I know that when I experience high levels of fatigue I can expect my pain levels to spike soon after.  Now I don’t have to avoid my training routine because I think I won’t be able to cope.  I know to just take things easier because it will help me feel better afterward.

I feel more prepared.

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