Mono-meals: An introduction


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Why I prefer to eat this way during the day

What are Mono-meals?

A very simple description of a Mono-meal is a meal that consists of a single ingredient. Fruitarians and raw vegans often eat this way as they are well aware of its benefits.

There is a lot of information available on this topic, some against it and some for it. As always I would suggest that you do your research and formulate your own opinion if this is right for you.

Better digestion

I find that my digestive system is much happier when I eat mono-meals. My body does not always react well to a complicated meal as well as my taste buds. I would much rather eat a large bowl of watermelon or steamed broccoli during the day. I don’t feel sluggish after having my fill and I don’t struggle with fatigue as much as when my digestive system is working overtime.

Less thinking

What is simpler than filling up on a single food at meal time. No major preparations involved for a full, happy tummy.  I eat better when I don’t need to think of what I’m going to eat.

Beating food addiction

Eating Mono-meals has been of immense help keeping my food cravings under control. As it stands I developed a problem with how I was eating while working as a fine dining chef. My daily diet consisted of espresso, cigarettes and the possible staff meal hurriedly swallowed down on the go. Not exactly a healthy lifestyle. But it is nothing compared to going on a bender at the drive through. I feel satisfied in every way now and I can feel like that without the guilt of having filled up the most non-nutritious, unhealthy food possible.

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