Fitness watches and why you should use one.

Fitness watch

Why wear a fitness watch

If you are in the market to buy a fitness watch you are spoilt for choice.  The options and price ranges are endless. You can wear an activity band that simply tracks your steps for the day or you can wear a fitness watch which uses GPS technology to track your run and give you a whole range of data related to it from calories burnt, elevations, what kind of workout it was and whether you have exceeded your personal best.

There are many reasons you should wear a fitness watch. From accountability to motivation. It just depends on what you want to achieve with the help of this amazing resource.

Why do I wear a fitness watch

For me, the decision on what fitness watch to go with rested heavily on the swim functions.   Swimming and aqua exercises are extremely gentle on the body and idea for me.  I needed a fitness watch that I could use in the water.  On the treadmill, I use my watch to ensure that my heart rate remains within my goal training zones.

Being able to link my health data to an app like MyFitnessPal also assists me to monitor my calorie intake versus those expended.  This is of course very important when you are trying to reduce your Body Fat percentage.

It remains important to remember that having expensive gear won’t get you to your goal faster, but I am finding that my sports watch is giving me the encouragement to go further and harder when I feel like I have had enough.

Now that my body is having to fight harder, my fitness watch is also how I monitor my flare-ups.

Fitness watches and Fibromyalgia

I’m sure many people who are coping with Fibromyalgia would not expect a connection between fitness watches and their condition.  However, I find that my activity percentage versus my step count offers me insight into my flare-ups.  When I wake up in the morning with elevated pain levels, I don’t even have to guess.  My watch provides me with sleep data indicating that my sleep quality was poor.  The two are linked in a very helpful way.

I would love to hear if you use a fitness watch, why you use one and which one you wear.

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