Monday fitness motivation from around the Internet

Do you need some fitness motivation?

I love a good list post, so here are 5 great links I came across this past weekend.

1.  10 Athletes who will inspire you to do a Triathlon

The people on this list will give you plenty of reasons to get up and start training.  From young to old, they have faced their own individual challenges to reach their goals.

2.  15 Inspirational Triathlon quotes

If you need some extra workout chutzpah you are sure to find something on this page.  My favorite is the first one on the list.

3.  5 Ways to stay motivated to exercise regularly

I particularly like number 4 on this list – Think fun and variety.  This is what keeps me going.

4.  6 Ways to stay motivated at the gym

This article is a good read as it reminds us that it’s ok to not always feel like working out.

5.  How to stay motivated as a Triathlete

A very accurate depiction for me regarding how much anxiety can step in and how to push beyond that.  My first open water swim was driven by a desire to overcome a longtime fear.  Finding the right motivation brought me through that.

I would love to hear what motivates you to go further.

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