Food Addiction

Food Addiction has been my constant companion for the last three years of my life.  Before that bad eating habits were the norm.

Over the last year, I have looked at all kinds of different options to try and win my war with Food Addiction.  Therapy, support groups, appetite suppressants, acupuncture, hypnotherapy – you name it and I can guarantee you I looked into it.  My first problem was my career as a chef.  It simply did not leave me the time for most of these options, and the others were out of the question from the price factor.  The second problem was also my career as a chef.  It enabled my addiction to all the wrong foods.

When you experience Food Addiction you have unrelenting cravings for certain foods.  And it just won’t go away until you’ve indulged.  But it’s more than indulging.  You are going completely overboard.    Subscribe to the blog to keep in touch with my latest blog posts as I keep track and learn how to break free of all the wrong foods.

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